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SEO & SEM Strategy


Customers: Who are they? What types of phrases are they likely to use in search engines when they are getting ready to buy your product or service? With a short list we can generate hundreds of additional possibilities.


Calculate the value of the Keywords

All keywords used on the Internet have a popularity value which is the number of times someone uses that phrase when searching Online. There is also a conversion value which is the % of people that are likely to buy your product or request more information as a result of landing on your page from the keyword used to find your website. By using sophisticated SEO software tools, and analytics data from your website, we can develop a list of high value keywords to target.


Gauge the competition

Some keywords are going to be much easier than others. Imagine a series of sporting events in which there were judges that awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ect. The scores are never revealed, just the winners. In the SEO arena, every keyword is a different competition. Ranking for Some keywords are fierce competitions others are easy.


Create Content & Get Links for Keywords With High Potential Returns

If you have the best content and powerful incoming links, you can be #1 for any keyword. The question is, how much will it cost? It would likely cost over a million dollars to develop enough content & links needed to be #1 nationally for the keyword "real-estate", but less than $100 for "home sales Chico". As an Internet marketing consultant I can help you get page 1 results on terms with the highest payoff for the least amount invested. As you receive more traffic you will increase the value of your web site. To see the current estimated value or your web site you can check out value www.powersportsdata.com for free domain evaluation tools.